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The focus lately seems to be on food because I’m following a vegan way of eating.  That is, no animal products including dairy and eggs.  This part of my life began with a focus on my own health but the more I read and research the more I realise that it’s also vitally important for environmental concerns that we stop animal agriculture.  There are also ethical considerations for the animals, trillions of which are killed every year.

I started travelling with my parents. Every long weekend or school holidays we would be up and down the east coast of Australia, or in outback New South Wales. We’d be camping or in a caravan and on very special occasions, we’d stay in a motel. It wasn’t until many years later that I had my first trip to another country and that was to New Zealand for my 40th birthday with my husband and we stayed in motels all the way.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to have visited many other countries and stayed in fancy hotels, youth hostels, backpackers’, cheap and awful hotels, bed&breakfasts, pensiones, student accommodation, capsule hotels, tatami rooms, cruise ships. I’ve come to appreciate that the quality of the experience is important – as with just about everything. Quality trumps quantity and this doesn’t just apply to handbags.


After living in South-East England for nine years, I have returned to South-East Queensland.  I did love the easy access to Europe for short trips, but the tug of home and family grew too strong too ignore.

Version 2

So I love travelling, but I’m also passionate about reading, learning, singing, science, people and many more interests. I’m aiming for a cruelty-free, clean, simple, minimalist life.  You are likely to find a variety of things on this blog – eating vegan, travel and packing tips, book reviews, discussions about minimalism and de-cluttering and getting organised, discussions about dogs and lesser companion animals.  Who knows?


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You’ll find my tracks around the internet.  I’m kassommers everywhere.

The kassommers channel on Youtube is where I generally talk to camera or upload my videos and then link it to a blog post here.

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