Apartment Tour: Relocated to Golden Beach

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After more than a year in the planning, I finally moved to Golden Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  Time for an apartment tour of my new home.  It’s tiny and the view is to die for.  Come along with me and watch the video.

Because the rising sun shines in through my balcony doors

I am encouraged to rise early and go for a pre-breakfast walk along the water’s edge.  It’s warm and friendly because there are so many people out exercising and walking their dogs.

Do you like it?  Leave me a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Apartment Tour: Relocated to Golden Beach

  1. Mum

    Words cannot express how good it is to have you back with us Kassie. I have just missed you so much over the last ten years. Every time I saw you and had to say goodbye, I wondered if it was the last time I would ever see you.
    Now you are just 20 minutes away and we have already been out to many vegan meals together, and other functions as well.. I would not call you new abode tiny – but “compact” and it has everything that you need. As you say, the view is to die for.

  2. Julia

    I think you’ll be very happy here . Water always makes me feel relaxed,look forward to many cups of tea with you on that great balcony. Welcome home.xx


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