Apple Tips (low tech, maybe useful?)

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Apple Tips, iMac, iPhone, iPadCables tangling?  iPhone battery not lasting you a full day?  Can’t stand those earphones they give you on plane journeys?  I’ve got some tips for you.  These are definitely not tips for my tech-savvy friends because they are pretty low-tech, but I didn’t know everything when I first started using these things so I thought I’d pass some little tips on to you.

Apple plugs love a label

I love labelling things too so I went ahead and labelled everything so I know what’s what.

Apple plugs and cables

So many earphones!

How do you like them Apples?

I’ve loved Apple products since my first Apple 2E computer back in the 80’s.  They are such good quality and great customer service.  If you want to venture into the Apple world, you can find an Apple store near you or visit them online here.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the flag to set your country.

Was this video helpful to you?  Did you get anything from it that you didn’t already know?  Are you an Apple user?

Apple tech


Since I made this video and wrote this article, I’ve upgraded my phone to an iPhone 5S.  Well, upgraded means that my husband gave me his because he’s planning to get the new iPhone 7 which is rumoured to be coming out this year.  I like the 5S – it’s physically larger, but still fits in my pocket and the camera is so much better.  It has a lot more storage too.

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