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Apartment Tour: Relocated to Golden Beach

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After more than a year in the planning, I finally moved to Golden Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  Time for an apartment tour of my new home.  It’s tiny and the view is to die for.  Come along with me and watch the video. Because the rising sun shines in through my balcony doors I am encouraged to rise early and… Read more »

Vienna Highlights

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Vienna has a lot of stairs

The video linked below shows highlights from the Vienna section of a cruise I took with Vegan River Cruises in 2015. The cruise went from Budapest to Munich along the River Danube. The ship, the Amadeus Silver II, was beautiful.  If you want to see the cabin, read Cabin Tour of Amadeus Silver II. A special joy of a river… Read more »

Bullet Journal January Tracker – How I Use It

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bullet journal, frixion pens, leuchtturm pen loop

Paper planning and tracking or digital?  I’ve tried both and now I’ve returned to paper.  This is a run through of my January tracker in my bullet journal. I use a Clipbook from Filofax. It’s vegan and the rings mean I can add and remove pages. The pens I prefer are Pilot Friction erasable pens because I make mistakes and… Read more »

North Island New Zealand: 2014 road trip with Mum

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New Zealand Cape Kidnappers

Highlights of the 2014 road trip around New Zealand’s beautiful North Island. I try to get to New Zealand every year and often take my mum. This trip was mainly focussed around Auckland. We travelled light of course, taking only a carry-on bag each.  It’s the best way to travel with no risk of luggage going missing. Who’s an Apple… Read more »

Life-changing events: checking in

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Banana and Date NiceCream

It’s been a while since I wrote here and since I uploaded a video.  This is a quick video to tell you about some life-changing events that have been going on and that I’m still here and thriving.  Life has been hectic and always is. Technology letting me down My computer is getting very old and crashes often, especially when I… Read more »

Saucy! It’s a recipe

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saucy bbq recipe

In need of a sauce to go with my baked potatoes, I cooked up a delicious and simple barbecue sauce.  The recipe is from The Vegan Corner and I just left out the salt and substituted maple syrup for the golden syrup.  The video shows how simple it really is to prepare this saucy yumminess. Bbq sauce has always come… Read more »

Five kilos of what? Waitrose haul

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Waitrose fruit and vegetables

It’s great when someone knocks at the door and they have something for you.  It’s a little bit like receiving a gift.  Waitrose came knocking recently after I placed an online order.  The video shows what I purchased. What’s your favourite way to shop?  Are you an online person?  Would you buy fresh produce online? This video is not sponsored… Read more »

Beetroot Powder Saves the Day

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Beetroot smoothie

Things got desperate on Monday morning.  There was no fruit for breakfast except what was in the fridge and freezer. Fortunately I had bought some beetroot powder the day before at the VegFest 2016 at Brighton.  My blender came to the rescue and I made a delicious pink smoothie. The blender I use is a JTC Omniblend. Beetroot Smoothie Recipe 500… Read more »

VegFest 2016 at Brighton

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Vegfest Brighton 2016 fruity pastries

A group of us from the University of Surrey‘s VegSoc (vegan society) went to Brighton for VegFest 2016. This is just a small snippet of what was there. We did a lot of food sampling and a lot of eating. one highlight was the Vegusto hot dog. The last time I ate a hot dog was at the famous Nathan’s… Read more »

Extreme Barbershop

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Barbershop singer with moustache

Extreme Quartets.  What’s that you say?  A barbershop quartet is not what you might think – four old men with moustaches and straw boaters, though sometimes the lady singers might have a moustache. These days a barbershop quartet is likely to be four young women or even four random strangers with a common love of tight harmonies sung a cappella…. Read more »