Bayswater Clutch: What is in my wallet?

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The internet is full of “What’s in My Wallet?” videos and I like to watch them.  It’s like snooping through someone else’s stuff without actually doing it.  They’ve given permission by showing everyone so who am I to refuse the invitation to have a look? Here is my Mulberry Bayswater clutch wallet-on-a-chain and the contents.

Bayswater Clutch fits in Mulberry Bayswater handbag

When I’m using the Bayswater Clutch as a wallet, it fits very well inside its big sister – my Mulberry Bayswater handbag which I use as a workbag.  I’ve written about that in Mulberry Bayswater: What’s in my workbag? so take a look at that article and video.

Multi-purpose items are great because they cut down on the amount of stuff in your life.  I used to use a regular wallet, but it wouldn’t fit into a small evening bag.  I had a tiny purse to put some money in but it was annoying having to switch.  Now I just grab my Bayswater clutch and I’m out the door whether day or night.  It’s chic enough to use as an evening purse but not over-the-top so I can wear it with casual clothes as a cross-body bag.  I love it!  This is very close to the holy grail of purses.

Watch the video to see what’s inside.  A short list:

  • money
  • earphones
  • multi-tool
  • notebook
  • pen
  • phone
  • business cards
  • and the usual plastic

This was a bargain.  Mulberry is an expensive brand.  Fortunately they have an outlet store about an hour’s drive away at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire.  I phoned them before I went there to see what they had in stock and the staff were very helpful.  I’m knew what I wanted having done the research on the internet first and also going in to a local department store (their prices were ridiculous).

Quality items are becoming more important to me as I reduce the sheer number of possessions I have.  I’ve tried a lot of wallets and purses and clutch bags over the years and I decided to donate them and invest in one beautiful wallet that I would have for many years.

Bayswater Clutch packaging is perfect

The wallet came wrapped in tissue paper in a sturdy and elegant grey box.  Everything was beautifully packaged with care instructions.


The colour is Oatmeal which I thought was a neutral nude colour, … the colour of oatmeal or porridge I suppose.  🙂  But it’s actually a nude pink.  Perhaps a little too pink for me but I like it anyway.

Mulberry is very high quality, it’s made in Britain and it doesn’t have obvious logos, just a very discreet engraved mulberry tree on the lock.   I think it’s a bit tacky to be a walking advertisement for a company unless there is a compelling reason so I tend to avoid branded clothing and accessories.  They did pack it in one of their big shopping bags with more tissue and when I unpacked it I found a Thank You message in the bottom of the bag.  Nice.


I got the idea of using a wallet-on-chain as a daily wallet and also as a small handbag from Coco – she has a great YouTube channel and her blog is called Light by Coco.

I’m curious to know what other people use so tell me in the comments box.  Do you have one item that suits all occasions?  Do you prefer to have multiple wallets and purses for different uses?  Are you a Mulberry fan?

Mulberry Bayswater clutch wallet on a chain

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