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What’s next for this displaced Aussie living in England?  Life is the biggest adventure made up of many big and small adventures.  Read about some of mine.

Walking to Work: can you do it?

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Walking to work

Many people drive to work, car-pool, catch the train, the bus, quite a few cycle.  I’m one of the walkers though.  One of the silent throng that makes its way to my University each day along the roads and paths of my town, Guildford.  It’s a lovely town and walking is a great way to see it, benefit my health… Read more »

Liebster Award: I’ve been nominated!

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What’s the Liebster Award?  It’s an opportunity for travel bloggers to get to know other travel bloggers.  My blog is not purely about travel, but since it is one of my passions, somehow I qualified.  Big thanks to The Vagabond Beat for nominating me for the Liebster Award through his travel blog.  When I first got the notification that I was nominated, I… Read more »

Pack Light for Paris: What you need for three nights

Not much is needed for a three day trip to Paris. I travelled by Eurostar so I could take more but I still pack light.  All you need is a few clothes and toiletries and some good shoes for walking.  Travelling light has many benefits.  Though travelling light, I still like to look smart – especially in Paris.  Part of the fun… Read more »

Etiquette in the Loo: How to Go Wherever You Are

You know when you really really have to go?  But you are not sure what’s acceptable in the country in which you find yourself this week?  Well, this post won’t help you there – it’s not really a list of instructions on using lavatorial facilities around the world.  Just a couple of signs I’ve come across lately struck me as… Read more »

Pamplona International Staff Week

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One of the joys of living in Europe is that so many countries are easily accessible.  To get to Pamplona from Guildford for the International Staff Week was not the easiest journey I’ve done since living here, but was so worthwhile.  Pamplona is lovely and to get there I had an afternoon in Madrid both on the way there and… Read more »