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Bullet Journal January Tracker – How I Use It

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bullet journal, frixion pens, leuchtturm pen loop

Paper planning and tracking or digital?  I’ve tried both and now I’ve returned to paper.  This is a run through of my January tracker in my bullet journal. I use a Clipbook from Filofax. It’s vegan and the rings mean I can add and remove pages. The pens I prefer are Pilot Friction erasable pens because I make mistakes and… Read more »

Trailer for my YouTube Channel

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Trailer for YouTube

YouTube recommends everyone has a YouTube channel trailer to give viewers a taste of what can be found there.  It’s taken me a while, but I finally got to it this weekend.  Watch it and let me know what you think. It’s not difficult to make a trailer using iMovie.  The hardest thing is deciding what content to put into… Read more »

Selfie sticks, iPhones and dog walking

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Selfie sticks in a camera bag

In the last couple of days, I’ve transferred my blog to a new host, upgraded my iPhone and got myself a selfie stick.  It’s been a busy-and-not-much-sleep couple of days.  I decided to look into selfie sticks to take away on my next adventure and had no clue how they worked nor how much they cost. A bit of research on… Read more »

Apple Tips (low tech, maybe useful?)

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Apple Tips, iMac, iPhone, iPad

Cables tangling?  iPhone battery not lasting you a full day?  Can’t stand those earphones they give you on plane journeys?  I’ve got some tips for you.  These are definitely not tips for my tech-savvy friends because they are pretty low-tech, but I didn’t know everything when I first started using these things so I thought I’d pass some little tips… Read more »

Drowning in books. Also, e-books.

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Drowning in Books

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in book?  I LOVE books!  I love reading the stories in books, but more than that, I love the physical reality of books.  They have a weight to them, they have their own scent.  While reading them, they fill my field of vision so that I am immersed in the pages.  While… Read more »

OmniBlend from JTC: Review

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JTC Omniblend high-speed blender

It’s always exciting to get a big box from the courier, especially when you know that what’s inside is something you’ve wanted for a long time.  I’ve seen a lot of vegans on YouTube using high-powered blenders and my old food processor was just not up to the job.  Time for a new gadget so I was excited to find… Read more »

Villa America by Liza Klaussmann: Review

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Villa America by Liza Klaussmann

Mumsnet were kind enough to send me Villa America, written by Liza Klaussmann, for review.  When it arrived in the post my heart sank a little because on the cover is a pretty woman gazing up at a handsome man.  Is this a Romance Novel?  That’s not a genre I usually read.  But reminding myself that I shouldn’t judge a book… Read more »