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IMG_2449Milli is our long-haired Jack Russell. We got Milli when she was less than a year old – she’s a rescue dog. Milli does have the tattoos in her ear that show she is a pedigree but we don’t have any papers for her.  I can understand why she was a rescue dog – she probably went out for a run from her previous owners and they couldn’t find her.

Milli has had a few adventures since we’ve had her; if the door or the gate is left open she is likely to go for a run. She’s been missing for up to two days in the past, though she’s always turned up safe and sound. She often goes to the vets and just walks in – she likes the vet. And they call us to collect her.

I think now though that those days are gone. Milli is now 15 years old and almost 16. She’s slowed down a lot from the early days though she will still take off after a cat if she sees one. She spends most of her time sleeping now. She can no longer get up and down the stairs so we carry her up and down. And she can’t jump up on the couch any more for a cuddle, so we have to pick her up. She doesn’t really like sitting on my lap anymore, but will fall asleep if my husband is nursing her.

Milli has had five teeth removed at the vets, so she’s not really up to gnawing on a bone or any of those really hard dog treats.  She felt very sorry for herself the day she had the teeth removed.

542951_10150669659045617_2084958893_nShe’s also gone a bit deaf so doesn’t hear much – a good side effect of this is that she is no longer terrified at fireworks.

She’s quite devoted to me and follows me round the house and sulks whenever I am away. She sheds fur everywhere but looks quite sleek when she’s been groomed.


When we moved to the UK from Australia, we brought Milli with us.  She was tentative when she first saw snow.


Do you have a senior pet?  Have you ever rescued a pet or moved one around the world?

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