Hair Dresser? No, thanks.

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Life, huh?  Ever-changing and never boring.  So when I saw my hair last night, I decided on the spot that it was time for a change.  It’s been six months since I last visited a hairdresser, on the Amadeus Silver II (see Cabin Tour – Amadeus Silver II) during the Vegan River Cruise 2015.  She did a great job.

hair fresh from the hairdresser

Fresh from the hairdresser July 2015

Hair just grows and grows

Over time, hair grows.  Funny that.  Till it gets straggly and loses its style and a decision must be made.  Grow it long, cut it short, repeat the same asymmetrical cut I’ve had for the last three years or so?

hair has lost its hairdresser prettiness

Hair in January 2016

What would you do?  Watch the video to see what I did.

People, especially women, seem to want to look young forever.  No wonder as we age we tend to get disregarded, because we disrespect ourselves.  By attempting to maintain a youthful appearance, it seems to others that we only value youthfulness.  No surprise that we are not valued as much as we would like because we do not appear to value ourselves.

How often do you change your hairstyle?  Do you think it’s important to try to look as young as possible?  Have you ever cut your own hair?

Kas short hair

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