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What’s this?  Another Haul video?  There’s a good reason for this one – it was requested by one of my subscribers when she heard I had found a Karen Millen garment at a gently-worn sale.  I purchased a couple of clothing items, some lush goodies from Lush and some vegan foods from Food for Thought.  Even a few things from Poundland made it into the video.  Watch it then read on below.

Colour Me Beautiful Sale

The Karen Millen tunic and Phase Eight shrug came from Amanda & Sharon.  Sharon Whittock is an image consultant and very helpful about style, makeup, colours and so on.  Twice a year, she and Amanda hold a  Nearly New clothes sale of high quality garments on consignment from her clients. Shopping at this sale is lovely because Sharon is there with styling advice, the clothing is all good quality and there is no hurry or crowd.  I usually sell a few things and buy a few things and am very happy that the items are being reused.

Guildford Cathedral.  A good place to haul away vintage items.Guildford Cathedral is used as a venue for many functions, including the graduation ceremonies of University of Surrey where I work.  Yesterday it hosted Vintage Guildford which delivered up these two gems for my friend, a gorgeous coat and scarf.

IMG_5432IMG_2829 IMG_6375

So nice that something that was made decades ago is still going strong because of the care and good materials that went into its construction.

Who Made My Clothes?

Please read about this fashion revolution that is rejecting “fast clothes” and striving for fair working conditions for all garment workers around the world.

Haul from Lush

Lush has an online presence that explains what’s in the products, what the packaging is made from, how to use them and also reviews from customers.  Visit lush.com and select your country.  I”m a big fan of Lush because they are an ethical cruelty-free company.  There is minimal packaging and full information about ingredients.

Haul from Food for Thought

This is a health food shop in Guildford that’s been there for about 30 years.  They stock a wide range of products which are not available in supermarkets.  Today I was looking for some vegan food.  The seaweed rice cakes I bought are truly scrummy and vegan.  Nectaloe by New Horizon claims to protect the digestive tract lining.  I’m afraid this does idly squat for me.  I need prescription drugs and industrial strength Gaviscon that I can only get in the UK to deal with my acid.  Hopefully this will be sorted soon and I can give up the medication.  Food for Thought runs special evenings with guest chefs and many promotions.  Their web site is foodforthoughtuk.com.

Haul from Poundland

Even though I’m all about quality, I am not averse to saving money where possible.  And since I can’t buy the treats my elderly dog can manage with her few remaining teeth in my local shop, I go to the pound shop for them.  It’s surprising to me that they have things there for £1 that are much more in other shops.  You just need to be careful to check the quality of some of their products, but the brand name items are great.  Visit their Pets and Animals section for a look.

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned?  Do you know where your clothing is made?  What’s your opinion about vegan dogs?

Love to haul these cute dogs home.

2 thoughts on “Haul: Karen Millen, Lush, Food for Thought

  1. kassommers

    Thanks for your comment. It’s an interesting dilemma. Yes, dogs are definitely prey animals; look at the shape of their jaw and their teeth and their stomach bacteria. They have evolved to hunt, catch, rip apart and digest raw meat. Unlike humans, they can eat decomposing meat with no ill-effects whereas humans don’t have the stomach bacteria for that and we must cook meat or get sick. The dilemma is that we don’t let our dogs go out and hunt and kill for their supper. We breed other animals that are then killed and processed so our pets can eat them.

    Milli is 16 now and will continue on a meat-based diet, supplemented with quinoa, rice, pasta and veges because she does like left-overs. She won’t be around for ever.

  2. Valerie Sommers

    You want to know my opinion about vegan dogs? This does not seem natural to me as they are designed to be carnivores. One only has to look at the construction of their fangs and study the habits of dogs in the wild e.g. wolves, dingoes etc. to realise this. I do not see any herbivores among them. If an elderly dog has lost its teeth, surely a meat diet is still possible using raw mince or finely shredded, soft cooked meats. I am sure the dog would appreciate this far more than having to exist on a vegan diet. It can possibly exist on this kind of diet, but that is all it would be – an existence.


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