Haul: Lush, Zara, Body Shop and Amazon

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photo-1417733403748-83bbc7c05140I’ve done a small amount of shopping lately – in Spain, Ireland, at the airport and online (do you love online shopping?) because it was too rainy back in England to go walking to the High Street.  I only like to buy things I need and will use.

Please note:

  • the eyeshadow is used on my eyebrows and eyelids, not eyelashes
  • the earphones I bought are not noise-cancelling but noise-isolating
  • the packaging Lush uses is “eco-flo chips, a potato starch-based packing material which biodegrades quickly in water and soil”

Here’s what I got.

Since filming, I’ve tried the bar shampoo and it’s lovely.  We have very hard water and with just a couple of rubs on wet hair and it foamed up better than regular creamy shampoos.  The Toothy Tabs definitely taste strange but not unpleasant and they make a lot of foam in the mouth.  I love that these Lush products come with minimal packaging and no plastic in sight and that they are hard products so they don’t have to be separated out into a plastic bag at the airport security.  The catalogue is very informative and I’m going to try a few more things from Lush.

The Body Shop web site has instructional videos explaining how to use many of their products as well as the skin care diagnostic tool.  I discovered recently that to make bristle brushes with real bristles, they actually kill the animals – I suppose I hadn’t thought about it and assumed they just harvested the hair.  Wrong!  The PETA website has more informatoion about Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes. You can also get vegan brushes on Amazon.

Body Shop:





Pyjama Top:


Tell me in the comments if you have you tried any of these products.  What’s your experience with them?  I’m especially interested in the Toothy Tabs and the shampoo because these are so new to me.  How do you feel about packaging?

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