Hedgehog Walks To Work

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Hedgehog walks to work

Following on from my recent post, Walking to Work: can you do it?, I entered the campus recently and came across this little hedgehog person also on the daily commute.  Watch the video, it’s short and the hedgehog is so cute (if you can’t see the video, watch it on my YouTube channel).

Hedgehog Occupation

It made me think about the purpose of the hedgehog’s walk.  Was there a job to get to?  Meals to fetch for the kids at home?  Hedgehogs must keep themselves occupied somehow.

Mother hedgehog with hoglets

Mother hedgehog with hoglets

You wouldn’t see this beautiful creature from a car as you drove to work.  Or if you did see it, you couldn’t just jump out and watch a hedgehog going about its daily business.  I think it may be a little nervous of me towards the end of the video.  In order not to upset it too much, I kept my distance and left it alone after filming.

What do you see on your commute?  Are there hedgehogs in your world?

Addendum:  Since I wrote this piece, someone told me that hedgehogs are nocturnal and if you see one out during the day, it’s in trouble.  They said I should have taken this one to a vet or animal rescue place.  I’m not sure about that.  I’ve seen hedgehogs on YouTube playing with dogs and living as pets in houses.  They didn’t look too nocturnal, though I’m sure in their natural state, they may well be.  There didn’t appear to be anything wrong with this one, so it never occurred to me to disturb it and pick it up.

What do you think I should have done?

Hedgehog walks to work

Hedgehog on the daily commute

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