I feel so privileged

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limblessMy painful shin is really my good fortune – at least I can feel my shins.  I am one of the most fortunate people on earth.  Free education, I can read, walk, eat what I want, drive a car, I have a job.  Home is a lovely house that is warm and light comes on at the flick of a switch and cold and hot running water when I turn on the tap.  Flushing toilets.  I appreciate all that so much given that there are so many people in the world today with no shelter or access to clean water.

Health-wise, I often have a bit of a moan about things.  But really, I can see, hear, walk, dress myself and take care of my personal hygiene.  Though I may be short-sighted with shin splints and a dodgy digestive system, I count myself fortunate to have those.  In this video, I try to explain why.

Charities that support the problems mentioned in this video:

Ehlers-Danlos UK http://www.ehlers-danlos.org

Meningitis Research Foundation http://www.meningitis.org

The Limbless Association http://www.limbless-association.org

Detecting Women’s Cancers Appeal http://preview.tinyurl.com/ocwh5tv



Do you have any bright ideas to support those with different abilities to most?  How do you feel about donating to charities – especially those who approach you in the streets?

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