Ireland! On the road, in the cold.

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Ireland can be cold

A short road trip to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in March. Gloves needed!  March is a cold month in Ireland, but that didn’t stop us taking a road trip.

Sadly I didn’t take too many photos but there are a few and a bit of video.  My hosts were Jan and Bruce – we all went to Griffith University in Brisbane the 1980’s.

Ireland can be cold!

Travelling with just a carry-on bag as usual, I was grateful that my Uniqlo coat packs up small and weighs nothing.  It got a good airing and was used most days.  If you’re in this part of the world in “spring”, be sure to bring gloves, scarves, hat and warm boots.

We drove from Shannon up the west coast and into Northern Ireland, across the top, then down the east coast back into the Republic of Ireland and ended the trip in Dublin.

Galway – music and sweets

Galway bicycle advertising coffee shop

Galway bicycle advertising

In search of new flavours, I visited a couple of sweet shops looking for typical Irish treats.  The strangest one tasted like cloves and made my tongue go numb!  The ladies in the sweet shops were very keen tell me that Ed Sheeran used to busk in the streets in the early days.  I can believe it.  Galway has a busker on every corner and pubs everywhere all seem to have live music.

Save money at the Giant’s Causeway

Giant's Causeway

If you get the bus or drive and start your trek at the Visitor’s Centre, you will pay to enter (and to park).  We decided to drive a little further along and park on the side of the road.  Then we were able to walk along the paths on the clifftop.  There are stairs and paths allowing you to descend to the water and the bottom of the cliffs and you don’t have to pay.  You will need to be reasonably fit though because it’s a lot of stairs down and then up again.  If you are mobility-impaired, then definitely go through the Visitor’s Centre and you will be driven right out to the turning circle in the picture above.

St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Dublin turban graffiti

Dublin Graffiti Art

Even though it was St Patrick’s day, I took hardly any photos – I was focussed on looking at the street, buildings, people and finding warm coffee shops and pubs with free wifi.  The atmosphere was festive of course and the huge crowds were all jovial and well-behaved with many green garment and weird hats to be seen.

Take your panorama camera


Do as I say and don’t do as I do.  Take lots of photos.  The scenery is wild and the coastlines are huge.  Use that panorama function that you always forget about.

Is Ireland on your bucket list?  Do you prefer tropical beaches or rugged coastlines?  Do you still travel around with your old buddies from college days?

Above Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

4 thoughts on “Ireland! On the road, in the cold.

  1. madi

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I visited Ireland many many years ago but also remember it being somewhat crisp (even in the summer months) oh… and lots of rain! One of my favourite countries though it’s absolutely beautiful 🙂

  2. Kas Post author

    Hello Dianne, thanks for leaving your comments. I was in Ireland with Janet Mitchell who you know from Zonta Club of Noosa and she was Area Director. Ireland was so green and lovely.

  3. Dianne Leggo

    Hi Kas, Thanks for the video & pictures. Lots of happy memories for me from 1967 onwards. I adore Ireland and have probably been there four times I guess. Sounds like you enjoyed it too. I love the scenery and the people, maybe not the weather but that’s why it is so beautifully green. I’m looking forward to Jen & Craig’s visit home in September. Miss them heaps. I’m still working away on membership for Zonta, not for new clubs though. Too much work for me these days. I follow your busy life on facebook. Sounds interesting. Cheers, Dianne


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