Bullet Journal January Tracker – How I Use It

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Paper planning and tracking or digital?  I’ve tried both and now I’ve returned to paper.  This is a run through of my January tracker in my bullet journal. I use a Clipbook from Filofax. It’s vegan and the rings mean I can add and remove pages. The pens I prefer are Pilot Friction erasable pens because I make mistakes and need to rub out and the pens come in nice colours.

The tracker is to help with daily habits and also to track things which I don’t intend to do every day (such as upload YouTube videos) but that I do want to track easily.

What is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet journal website: http://bulletjournal.com

Every bullet journal is unique and personalised. Mine is fairly representative of me – lots of colour, a mix of creative and messy and organised.  I’ve been using the bullet journal system for a few months now and I’m really enjoying the flexibility of it.

Watch the video to see how I use it for tracking.

Bullet Journal Tracker

You can see in the video above that there are some habits I’m developing as daily habits.  The journal is a convenient place to track these because it’s always with me.

Bullet Journal Stationery

This is the lovely part about the bullet journal system.  You can use anything from an exercise book and a cheap pen to expensive journals and notebooks with the highest quality writing implements.  it’s totally up to you.

The Filofax Clipbook I use is available on Amazon by clicking on the image.  Mine is in the colour Pear.
Filofax Clipbook - Pear

Filofax have since brought out a range of pretty pastel shades for the Clipbook.  You can find them here. Tip: they are cheaper on Amazon though you might not get the full range of colours.

I’ve added a Leuchtturm pen loop in lime green to my Clipbook and the colour match is perfect.
Leuchtturm pen loop

The pens I use are available pretty much anywhere that sells a variety of pens.  They are also available on Amazon as a pack or singles – whichever you prefer.
Pilot Friction pens

Have you tried bullet journalling?  Do you use a tracker?

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