Jewels: sorting with Konmari method

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Minimalism has a great appeal for me.  Since I have far too much jewellery, it’s time to get it sorted.  Many of the jewels I have were gifts and those are not easy to part with.  There are memories associated with other things – my Dad is no longer with us, but I’ve kept his name badge for many years.  My Nana’s marquisite set is pretty, but no one sees it when it’s been in a box in my wardrobe for years.  Time to pass things on.

The Konmari method (by Marie Kondo) is to gather all things in one category then sort them.  Somehow jewellery was stored in at least four places in my home.  Gathered all together, it seems like an embarrassingly large collection of jewels.

Jewels should spark joy

Marie Kondo’s book is just wonderful.  Instead of looking for things to eliminate from your home, her approach is to look for things to keep because they spark joy.  I highly recommend you read it.  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever.


I forgot to mention my wedding ring in the video.  It’s one jewel that I wear every day.  It’s on my middle finger because it’s now too large for my ring finger.  This is a keeper :-).

After sorting I still feel that I have too much, but I love everything that I kept.  I think I wear it all and it does make me happy.  Perhaps in another six months I will do this again and I will probably be able to reduce further.

Do you wear all the jewels you own?  Have you got a box of projects somewhere waiting to be repaired?  Are you keeping things you don’t even like because they were a gift?

jewels collected before sorting

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