Milk Diet: pre-operative

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This is a pre-operative milk diet I’m to follow for a week because I’m having bariatric surgery to remove my gastric band.  I’ve had the band for seven years and was happy at first because I lost a lot of weight fairly quickly.  Since then I’ve gained some back because calorie-restricting is not the answer for permanent weight loss.  Now that I’m very happily eating only plant-based foods and feel much healthier, it’s time to part ways with the gastric band.  I did discuss it a little in an earlier blog post and video Going Vegan: my first month so check that out for more detail.

Milk Diet Details

Here’s what the specialist dietitian sent me to have each day for seven days.  She said, “This will shrink your liver so the surgeon will be able to access your stomach during surgery.”  I thought that was a bit strange because I was a lot heavier when I got the gastric band inserted and I didn’t have to follow a special diet for a week before that.  It was in Australia though, and I’m now in the United Kingdom, so I suppose they do things differently here, or else seven years on, they have found this works best.  Anyway, like a good little patient, I will do as I’m told.  It’s only for a week.

  • 4 pints soya milk
  • 2 pints other fluid e.g. water, tea, coffee, sugar free squash
  • 1 multi vitamin and mineral tablet
  • 400mls orange juice/apple juice/pineapple juice
  • No food

The shopping was heavy – a litre of liquid weighs a kilogram and I carried home many litres.  Here’s the video of all the food for the week (if you can’t see it, go to my YouTube channel to watch).

I decided not to have the cranberry drink because it’s not “sugar-free” squash so I’ve tipped that down the sink so I won’t be tempted.

The whole milk diet is a bit concerning to me.  There is no solid food so the normal digestive processes will be unable to work properly (we chew food to mix it with saliva and that’s our first digestive juice).  This milk diet is also low in calories and that means I won’t be getting enough fuel to keep me going.  It’s low carbohydrate, high protein, high fat and low fibre.  Not a healthy way to live, but I just keep telling myself, “It’s only for a week!”

I put a day into cronometer to see how the numbers came out.

cronometer milk diet

That’s 44% of calories from fat, 33% from protein and only 887 calories for the day.  Not enough to keep my brain and body functioning well.  🙁  I hope it will achieve what the surgeon wants and make the operation go smoothly and I can get back to eating healthily again quickly.

What’s your opinion of this type of pre-operative diet?  Have you had to do this before surgery?  Is this a common practice?  If you work in the health industry, what are the benefits of this?

Milk Diet

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