North Island New Zealand: 2014 road trip with Mum

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Highlights of the 2014 road trip around New Zealand’s beautiful North Island. I try to get to New Zealand every year and often take my mum. This trip was mainly focussed around Auckland.

We travelled light of course, taking only a carry-on bag each.  It’s the best way to travel with no risk of luggage going missing.

Who’s an Apple Fan?

Created using Apple’s Memories feature from the Photos app.  This makes it easy to share your memories with others.  Have you tried it yet?  I have enjoyed using Apple’s computers since I got my first Apple 2E in the 1980’s.  Now I have an iPhone, iPad and iMac and they all work together well.  The new MacBook Pro has just been announced so I think it’s time to trade-in my seven year old desktop and my iPad for a new laptop.  Minimise my gear and maximise my enjoyment.

Apple tech gear

Back to New Zealand

I’m in love with New Zealand and I would live there in a heartbeat if my family would go there with me.  Unfortunately, it’s a three-hour plane ride away from most of my family and that’s just too far for me.  Wellington is the greatest city in the world in my opinion – it has mountains, beaches, islands, harbour, culture, science, education, Wellywood, … the list goes on.

What’s your favourite country?

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