OmniBlend from JTC: Review

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JTC Omniblend high-speed blender
It’s always exciting to get a big box from the courier, especially when you know that what’s inside is something you’ve wanted for a long time.  I’ve seen a lot of vegans on YouTube using high-powered blenders and my old food processor was just not up to the job.  Time for a new gadget so I was excited to find one on the weekend at the Just V show.  More details after the video.

The Ombiblend came safely packed in its own box, then that box was inside another box for transport.  Seems a bit wasteful to use two boxes, but I suppose it’s to ensure the product box arrives unscathed.  The lid was encased in polystyrene which my council can’t recycle so that had to go in the bin which is a shame.  It could have been replaced with a cardboard holder to protect it in the box.

Omniblend Product details

JTC OmniBlend V “The Ultimate Wholefood Machine”, model TM-800.  Cost £250.  Came with free delivery, 7-year warranty, recipe book, tamper (mixing rod) and voucher for two free organic veg boxes home-delivered free.  This was a special show offer at The Just V show in London, buying directly from JTC. Their website is  I’ll be having a good poke around there trying recipes and looking for tips.

Delivery was fast.  This was a last-minute purchase after the show closed and we were on our way out the door when I spotted the blender display about 5:30 on Sunday afternoon and it was delivered around noon on Tuesday.

Sticking with my one-in-one-out rule, trying to go minimalist, I’ll be parting with the food processor.  It’s so old I can’t imagine anyone wanting it, but I’ll offer it on freecycle and try to give it away rather than sending it to electrical waste.

My first go at making frozen banana and frozen cherry nice-cream took a few tries and poking with the tamper stick before it was a success.  There isn’t an equivalent recipe in the book so I had to experiment a bit with different speeds and eventually I got smooth, creamy nice-cream.

How will I use the Omniblend?

JTC Omniblend makes delicious smoothies

Since I’ve realised I’m actually a herbivore and not omnivore, carnivore nor carrion-feeder, I’ve embraced the vegan lifestyle and way of eating.  This blender seems to be an essential bit of kit in most vegans’ kitchens and I expect I’ll be using it daily.

Overall, the Omniblend looks great in the kitchen – very shiny and colourful.  It is not as noisy as I expected.  The jug has a large capacity, with measurements up to 2 litres, and is BPA-free.

Flicking through the recipe book I found quite a few vegan recipes and others which can easily be adapted, from guacamole to soups to cauliflower mash, sorbet, jam, cashew cream, coconut peanut butter, … Can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

Do you have a blender?  Leave me some recipes in the comments.  I need tips too on the best way to use this lovely gadget.


2 thoughts on “OmniBlend from JTC: Review

  1. Julia mcNee

    Looks great,won’t you have fun! Suggest trying pluse for beginning with frozen foods then follow with other speeds. Nice cream looks so yummy. Keep us up to date with your results, good on you.x

    1. kassommers

      I’ve used this every day so far. Great for datorade, nicecream, cashew cream, and even hot soup. In the recipe book there’s a recipe for carrot and avocado soup blended for five minutes and it comes out hot! Excellent.


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