Pamplona International Staff Week

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One of the joys of living in Europe is that so many countries are easily accessible.  To get to Pamplona from Guildford for the International Staff Week was not the easiest journey I’ve done since living here, but was so worthwhile.  Pamplona is lovely and to get there I had an afternoon in Madrid both on the way there and on the way back because there are no direct flights.

The (quite long) video doesn’t show any of the working sessions but is more about the cities of Madrid, Pamplona and San Sebastian.

OK just one session then – my presentation about the University of Surrey.


It was cold in Pamplona which is in Northern Spain, at the beginning of March.  We think of Spain as being always hot and sunny but we had all the weather – rain, brilliant sunshine, even sleet one day.


The staff had organised a great program of events to introduce us to the University of Navarra (Universidad de Navarra) and to the local area.  The castle and wine-tasting at Olite were a highlight.



We also visited San Sebastian for the university Tecun campus.  Pintxos are the northern Spain version of tapas and had such a variety of small things to eat.  The idea is to eat one or two dishes with a drink in each bar.  The drinks are not huge – the cider came adjust an inch or so in the bottom of the glass.  It’s all you need or you would be blotto before you got to the next bar.


The official dinner was typical Spain.  We didn’t start eating until about 10:00 PM and then there was SO MUCH food I had to give my main course away to my neighbour.



Have you been to this part of the world?  Would you run with the bulls?  Most importantly, do you love tapas and pintxos?

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