Selfie sticks, iPhones and dog walking

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Selfie sticks in a camera bagIn the last couple of days, I’ve transferred my blog to a new host, upgraded my iPhone and got myself a selfie stick.  It’s been a busy-and-not-much-sleep couple of days.  I decided to look into selfie sticks to take away on my next adventure and had no clue how they worked nor how much they cost. A bit of research on t’internet and some quick consultations with a few shops and now I’m the proud owner of a Kitvision Bluetooth Selfie Stick.  Walking the dog while filming myself was a bit funny. People do look at you like you are weird (maybe I am and they decided that for other reasons).

Selfie Sticks come with manuals

I didn’t find the manual until after I realised the stick wasn’t working. Of course, it needed charging before use. D’Oh! Once I had that organised, it was pretty good. My new (hand-me-down) iPhone 5S fits into the holder which expands to hold most phones and cameras, and was held snugly with no fear of it falling out.  If you want to check it out on Amazon, click on the picture.

Young Adventuress Recommends BlueHost

If you noticed my blog was looking strange and even disappeared for a few hours, it was because I was moving to a self-hosting website.  Liz Carlson from (you really should check out her travel blog – it’s fantastic!) recommended bluehost so I bit the bullet and signed up.  The transfer from WordPress didn’t go quite as smoothly as I’d hoped so if you are are planning a blog, I recommend you start from the beginning with them and not create something you will have to move later.  Read the Young Adventuress post How to Start a Blog for great tips.

Camera Bag

iPhone 5S

Even thought I don’t actually own a camera (I use my iPhone 5S), I have a need for a stylish way to carry my equipment while travelling.  I went out looking for a camera bag that would also fit the iPad and that I could carry-on as a large handbag.  It’s incredibly difficult to find a camera bag that is vegan and actually not ugly.  I found the bag pictured at the bottom of this article – it’s not padded, so not a camera bag, but it isn’t leather and it does look lovely and it will hold my phone, selfie sticks, and the other paraphernalia I must have with me at all times.

Lush Mascara

Lush Eyes Right vegan mascara

Lush Eyes Right vegan mascara

Vegan mascara?  Yes, of course, there is a vegan version of everything.  The mascara from Lush is their only vegan mascara so I was very happy to find it.  It would be nice if all their products were vegan.  Are you listening, Lush?

What do you think about selfie sticks?  Have you got one and do you carry it in a camera bag?  How about mascara?  Do you know what’s in yours and if it’s cruelty-free?

Camera bag holds selfie sticks

My new “camera” bag

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