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Life-changing events: checking in

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Banana and Date NiceCream

It’s been a while since I wrote here and since I uploaded a video.  This is a quick video to tell you about some life-changing events that have been going on and that I’m still here and thriving.  Life has been hectic and always is. Technology letting me down My computer is getting very old and crashes often, especially when I… Read more »

Selfie sticks, iPhones and dog walking

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Selfie sticks in a camera bag

In the last couple of days, I’ve transferred my blog to a new host, upgraded my iPhone and got myself a selfie stick.  It’s been a busy-and-not-much-sleep couple of days.  I decided to look into selfie sticks to take away on my next adventure and had no clue how they worked nor how much they cost. A bit of research on… Read more »

Apple Tips (low tech, maybe useful?)

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Apple Tips, iMac, iPhone, iPad

Cables tangling?  iPhone battery not lasting you a full day?  Can’t stand those earphones they give you on plane journeys?  I’ve got some tips for you.  These are definitely not tips for my tech-savvy friends because they are pretty low-tech, but I didn’t know everything when I first started using these things so I thought I’d pass some little tips… Read more »