The Confidence Challenge: Is red lipstick magical?


Do you feel in  need of a confidence pick-me-up?  Feeling a bit sorry for myself because I have a heavy cold, and in need of a boost, today I decided to get up off the sofa and take up the confidence challenge – red lipstick.  The challenge is to wear a bold red lipstick for a whole day when you will be out and about seeing other people and see for yourself how it makes you feel.    If you want a shot of confidence, watch the video and read the rest of this post!

This is Aisha Jone’s Confidence Challenge #1.  I guess there are more coming.  The challenge was illustrated with a monotone outfit of lack lacy top with black trousers, and black and crystal earrings, worn with red shoes and handbag.  The finishing touch is a bold red lipstick which will give a shot of confidence.  That little precious person at the top of the page has the right idea about red lips and feet.

To replicate the red accessories, I dug out an old pair of wedges similar to these Tommy Hilfiger Emery 62D, Women Wedge Heels Sandals, Red (255 Red), 4 UK (37 EU) and the only thing I found that resembled a red handbag – a little pouch that carries my barbershop essentials  – a pitch pipe, lanyard, name tag, pencil, the key to the hall where we rehearse and a tin of Vocalzone.

IMG_2480 (1)

A pair of once-black-but-now-washed-out-to-grey jeans (Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Straight Jeans, Black 80701, W36/L34) were rolled up because they are the wrong length to wear with heels.  A black t-shirt was lurking in the drawer.  I retrieved a pair of earrings that were purged when I recently minimised my jewellery collection (see Sorting the jewels).  They were still in the garage waiting to go to a car boot sale, but look! they are black and crystal – perfect for this purpose.  Red lipstick (Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick – 715 Ruby Tuesday) is part of my chorus makeup when I sing with my barbershop group, Guildford Harmony, so that was available too.  It’s not cruelty-free, but it is the colour we are required to wear, so until I find a product that’s not tested on animals, it will have to do.

So with the components assembled, I turned to Classic Parisian makeup by Lisa Eldridge for tips on the red lipstick look.  It’s supposed to look effortless, timeless and chic, just like women in Paris.


I recommend you give this a try.  It did work for me when I talk the short walk to the local shops – I felt more polished than if I had gone in my regular jeans and a whole lot better than if I had been having a pity party on the sofa all day.  Through the week, I’ll try this look again on a day when I don’t have to do much walking, and I’ll swap out the jeans and t-shirt for my one black dress.

Dressier for work

To step this look up a notch for work, I added a red flower from my barbershop chorus costume box to my workbag (I made a video about my Mulberry Bayswater work bag.  Watch it here.).  The jeans and t-shirt were swapped for a black dress and black belt.  I was greeted with “You look glamorous,” which is funny because I wear that dress often and carry that handbag every day and no one has said that before.  I guess it’s adding the heels and lipstick and accessorising with a flower.  Later that day, that same person came and asked me confidentially what was going on, why was I dressed like that?  I’m not sure how to take that.  I thought I dressed pretty well most days.  Goes to show that taking that extra step does get results.



Do you wear a bright lipstick when you need a magical boost?  Do you think it’s too superficial and attitude and preparation are all that are needed?  If you are a man, is there something you wear to give you confidence? 

2 thoughts on “The Confidence Challenge: Is red lipstick magical?

  1. Aisha Jones

    I love the red lipstick on the dog. Just adorable and so are you. Thank you so much for writing about this and for the record I would wear lipstick to my own pity party on the sofa. I like to see the lip stain on the wine glass that also accompanies the pity party. Stay awesome!


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