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Vegan Chee

Most people love cheese and it’s often the hardest thing for a someone to give up when they decide to go with a healthier option, because it contains an addictive substance (casomorphins – click here for more details).  When I saw Happy Cheeze’s campaign on Kickstarter for vegan cheese, it looked exciting and worthwhile so I crowd-funded it.

[You know about crowd-funding?  Someone has a great idea and they need money to get it off the ground so they go onto Kickstarter or Indigogo or some of the other crowd-funding sites around.  They make a pitch, offer rewards for getting involved and hope that enough people will pledge the money to get the project happening.  If the target funds are raised, the pledges are called in and the project goes ahead.  Or if not enough people pledge, then the campaign is abandoned.]
vegan cheese happy white and klassich

Happy White and Klassich

The campaign was fully-funded and the cheese went into production.  When it arrived I was very interested to taste it.

Unpacking and tasting vegan cheese

Sending cheese through the post from Germany to England sounds a bit strange but it was well-packaged with insulation, straw and cold packs.  It arrived quite early, still cool and went straight into the fridge.  After work, I did the taste test which you can see in the video below.

Baked potato in five minutes?

It’s really easy to do “baked” potatoes in the microwave.  Give them a good wash, pierce the skin a few times with a fork and cook on high for a couple of minutes.  Sweet potatoes cook faster than white potatoes and of course, cooking time depends on the size of your ‘taters.  If it’s not soft enough, turn it over and give it a few more minutes.  I usually top with baked beans but for this taste test, went with the two vegan cheeses and avocado.  Delicious!

vegan cheese and avocado on baked potato, sweet potato

Potatoes with cheese and avocado

I recommend you get Happy Cheeze if it’s available (no they are not sponsoring me, I supported their Kickstarter campaign with my own money), but if not, you can try other vegan cheeses which are fairly widely available.

Make Your Own Vegan Cheese?

It looks pretty easy to make your own cheese from plant-based milk.  There are two great cooking channels I follow on YouTube (isn’t YouTube such a great resource?), Cooking With Plants and The Vegan Corner.  Both have cheese recipes you can try if you can’t get hold of Happy Cheeze.


If you’ve found a brand of vegan cheese that you love please share.  Have you made your own cheese?  What’s your favourite thing to eat with it?

vegan cheese happy white and klassich

Happy White and Klassich

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