Vegan Haul: lippy and toothy

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vegan haul

This vegan haul video is to show you some products I’ve bought that I really like. I buy only when I really need to replace something that is used up or is leaving my life for a different reason.  I’ve put as many links as I can find in this article, so watch the video (if you can’t see it, you can always find it at, read on below and enjoy.


vegan haul sandalwood soapvegan haul Neem soap





These came from and they are Sandalwood and Neem.  The label says “a treat for skin & hair” so I might try using them as shampoo as well as on face and body.


  • gold bangle watch

The watch came from Whibleys – a small jeweller in Guildford which has only four stores.  I prefer to support small businesses where I can.  It’s gold-plated stainless steel and a great size for my small hands.

Vegan Haul from Holland and Barrett

  • Spirulina
  • Black Sesame Rice Crackers – yum!
  • Gingerbread, Black Cherry and Mint Chocolate lip balms from Crazy Rumors

I keep a lip balm in my drawer at work, one in the bathroom and one in my purse.  The three different flavours all smell tasty and the balm is smooth and long lasting.

Vegan Haul from Lush

vegan haul Lush ambition lipstick

vegan haul quietly motivated

vegan haul Lush Tooty Tabs Dirty





  • Toothy Tabs – Dirty
  • Eyeliner – Quietly Motivated
  • Lipstick – Ambition

Do try Lush’s toothy tabs if you haven’t yet.  There are seven different flavours so just try a few till you find one you love.  This is Dirty from their Gorilla Perfumes.  From Lush’s cosmetics line I’m currently using Right Eyes mascara which I talked about here and now the lipstick and eyeliner.

TK Maxx

vegan haul night TK Maxx





  • nightie – purple background, not black like the picture

This shop is called TJ Maxx in other countries.  They carry a variety of items – clothing, shoes, luggage, handbags, home goods.  I struck out at the two charity shops I visited in hopes of thrifting some nightwear for my upcoming hospital visit, so I knew I could get something inexpensive from TK Maxx.  This is not the most glamorous or robust nightie in existence, but I only need it for one night.  I have a pair of pyjamas, so I don’t intend to keep this.  I talked about the milk diet and the reason for the hospital visit in Milk Diet: pre-operative.


  • Vegan clutch wallet on chain

I have a beautiful Bayswater Clutch: What is in my wallet? which I wrote about when I first bought it.  Now I’m not comfortable using it and it’s been put away for months now.  There had to be a replacement out there somewhere but the search had not been productive until this one came to light on Amazon.  I’ll do a review of it and What’s In My Wallet? when I’ve been using it for a while.

Are you a fan of haul videos on YouTube?  What do you think of spirulina?  Did you know that soap and candles and waxed fruit in the supermarket all have animal products in them?

vegan purse clutch-wallet-on-chain

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