Vegan Options at Large Event? No!

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Vegan Options should be easy

I just got back from a large (almost 500 people) catered event and there were no vegan options.  The event was a celebratory afternoon tea with cake, tea, coffee and water for everyone.  Do you think it’s unreasonable to expect them to cater for those who don’t eat animal products?  We were not asked to specify any dietary requirements beforehand.

It seems logical to me that by catering with food and drink that doesn’t contain animal products, that the maximum number of people could eat something.

Vegan Options at This Tea

Anya from Cooking With Plants recently showed a video with many vegan options for an afternoon tea.  Take a look:

Vegan Options should be valued

The event that I attended was at the University where I work.  They pride themselves on being inclusive and how people of all faiths and values are welcome and accommodated.  My values include eating health-giving food, helping the environment and not harming animals.  I don’t feel that these are part of the inclusion.

What do you think?  Should the default catering be no animal products so that as many people as possible have something to choose from?

Vegan options for tea

Dainties for Tea – these could all be vegan

5 thoughts on “Vegan Options at Large Event? No!

  1. Julia mcNee

    My option is ,not everyone knows the difference between vegetarian and vegan . If you send a letter ( and you should) explain in great detail exactly what a vegan can eat. I wonder if you would have given this much thought 3months ago ,most people will cater to your needs if given enough warning. Maybe you should contact airlines as well, and really get the message out there.good luck with it all. YOU could slowly change everyone’s thinking.

    1. kassommers

      Thanks, Julia. I’m attending an event at the University of Nottingham next month and told the organiser I’m vegan and he said, no problem, they are used to catering for vegans. I did explain in my feedback to my own university just what an animal product is and that people who eat them can also eat food with out animal products, but not vice versa. Hopefully I will get a response. Airlines are not usually a problem as long as you give them advance notice. Though I do recall travelling with my daughter and we pre-ordered the Vegetarian meals. When the icecreams came round, they didn’t give us one! So I guess the staff on that flight didn’t understand just what a vegetarian is. Now that I’m vegan I will be sure to spell it out for them.

  2. veganneeds

    I never find any vegan options at any event! always end up starving!!! haha, and whenever I do ask they make such a big fuss about it! usually I end up hungry so it is nice they got that for you 🙂 I think it does depend on the catering company they hire and “cheap” options… most people are not educated on what an animal product is… for some reason!
    thanks for sharing..
    Just started following, I have a recipe/lifestyle blog as well 🙂

    1. kassommers

      Thanks for your comment. This University prides itself on being inclusive but running an event where they cater only for people who eat animal products is not inclusive. I have decided to raise awareness because this is an important issue. So far I’ve had no response to my feedback.


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