Vegan Pizza: Vegetable Supreme

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Vegan Pizza

Who doesn’t love vegan pizza?  After a visit to the local co-operative shop this morning, I came home with two bags of fruit, vegetables and the necessaries of life – pizza bases, pasta sauce and vegan sausages.  This is a bit of a haul video and the focus is not great – apologies, I wasn’t paying attention (I am learning.  I promise you I can be taught!) nor holding still long enough for the autofocus to kick in.

Vegan Pizza without cheese?

It hasn’t been hard to give up cheese since going vegan three months ago.  The nooch gives that umami flavour and the dulse is for iodine.  Dulse smells quite fishy but doesn’t taste it with just a sprinkle on your meal.

If you want cheese, then go ahead and have vegan cheese – all the flavour without the cruelty and the contaminants and the bad effect on your health.

More vegan pizza recipes

One of my favourite cooking blogs is Cooking With Plants.  Anya has easy recipes and a video to show you how it’s all done.

Do you make your own pizza bases?  Please share an easy recipe for me.  What’s your favourite vegan topping?

vegan pizza

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