Vienna Highlights

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The video linked below shows highlights from the Vienna section of a cruise I took with Vegan River Cruises in 2015. The cruise went from Budapest to Munich along the River Danube. The ship, the Amadeus Silver II, was beautiful.  If you want to see the cabin, read Cabin Tour of Amadeus Silver II.

A special joy of a river cruise is that there is always something to see and shore excursions are plentiful.


Vienna is not the only town in Austria

Vineyard fun

During this shore excursion, I took a walking tour around Vienna and visited a vegan winery in Hohenruppersdorf.  The winery was Familie Pratsch and if you are in the region, I recommend a tour of the vineyard and a tasting in their cellar.  No animal products are used in the production of the wine and I assure you, it’s delicious!

At the end of the video, I suggest that I may have had enough wine at the tasting to embolden me to sing at the evening’s entertainment.  Sad to report that I lost courage and did not sing for the other passengers.  Perhaps next time.

Have you been to Austria?  Did you know that many wineries use fish swim bladders or milk or other animal products in the fining process?

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