Watch Out 2016!

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It’s the first working day of 2016.  Watch the YouTube video below for a brief greeting.  In the video I also show you an attempt at layering wrist jewellery.

A watch might not be enough

I love the look of‘s layering in this picture from Instagram.  She’s taken a watch and added a few interesting bracelets.  I’m always up for trying something new and this picture was my inspiration to try this fashion for myself.  However, my own attempt at layering is not so stylish.

watch and bracelets layers on wrist

My wrist watch that I wear every day is one of only three pieces that I have sinned I minimised my jewellery collection following the Konmari method.  You can read about that here Jewels: sorting with Konmari method.

Layering bangles and watches is probably a fashion that won’t fit with my life.  I prefer to keep my jewellery collection minimalist and buying costume jewellery to follow a fashion isn’t for me.

Will  you try a new trend in 2016?  Share your tried-and-failed stories in the comments.

wrist watch, bangle, bracelet

This post was not sponsored, all jewellery was paid for by myself or was a gift from family.  All opinions are my own.

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