Trailer for my YouTube Channel

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Trailer for YouTube

YouTube recommends everyone has a YouTube channel trailer to give viewers a taste of what can be found there.  It’s taken me a while, but I finally got to it this weekend.  Watch it and let me know what you think.

It’s not difficult to make a trailer using iMovie.  The hardest thing is deciding what content to put into it.  My channel is small with not too many videos so far, but it was still difficult for me to decide what to include and what to leave out.  So many photos and film clips.  In the end, I had to stop tinkering with it and just upload.

Storyboard your trailer

Starting with absolutely no idea what I was doing, I realised pretty quickly that I needed a plan.  Storyboarding seemed like a good idea, after all, that’s what what film directors do to plot the shots they need to tell their story.  But iMovie did all that for me – nice!  Once I chose the template of the trailer I wanted, iMovie made the places for me to put close-ups, long-shots, landscapes and so on.  I just had to decide what the story was that I wanted to tell in less than one minute.  Picking some keywords and moods was the key thing.  Since my YouTube channel is about … me, basically, and I don’t focus on one area to the exclusion of everything else, I had to find a way to put snippets of all the things I do into the trailer.

I managed to get in my husband, my three children and my dog.  You’ll see my barbershop singing, a bit of travelling, food(!), books, but there are things you won’t see in there.  You’ll just have to watch my channel to find out more about me.  (Does that sound ever-so-slightly narcissistic?)

Where is my channel anyway?

If you want to take a look, visit KasSommers on YouTube where you’ll find my videos.  Leave me a thumbs-up if you like them, or a thumbs-down if you don’t.  There’s a card at the end that looks like this and you can click on the subscribe button so you’ll never miss another video.

Trailer outro card

Channel outro card

Do you have a YouTube channel?  Leave the link in the comments below.  How long did it take you to make a trailer?  Or are you still thinking about it?

Trailer for YouTube

2 thoughts on “Trailer for my YouTube Channel

  1. Kas Post author

    Thank you for your lovely comments. Good luck with your bog. Just jump in and do it – don’t wait till anything is perfect.

    If I’m coming to Boston, I’ll be sure to get in touch.

  2. Zakiya Alake

    I learned of you today via your comment on Blog Tyrant. I did as you asked and watched your trailer. Glad I did. I subscribed. I’ve not yet fired up my blog and both your blog and your YouTube trailer provide strong encouragement to do me, be me-all of me online. I’m vegan & 29 other things as you are. Your comments on iMovie really are fuel to push me forward. Coming to USA….Boston, MA one day? I’ll prepare you a vegan meal during my community-cable TV show, featuring some poetry or excerpts from theatrical pieces. Perhaps you’ll want to accompany me to a Recovery Dance or to our SGI Buddhist Community Center or a social justice action activity designed to stop illegal foreclosures -On any given day I do these things and more. Oh, and I’m bi-cultural:the adult me is African-American, living in urban Boston. My child hood was spent in a quintessential Massachusetts’ town, a daughter in the only black family in a town of 5000. So this morning I woke up to listening to the Rolling Stones and now I’m dancing to Aretha Franklin. I want my blog to reflect all this and more. Your blog and YouTube channel showed me the way. Perchance you are my Blog Mother.


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